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PDR Line Board - Paintless Dent Repair /Removal Training

Dent Time line board for paintless dent repair / removalWhat is a PDR Line Board you ask? Well it is a type of reflection (Striped Lines) used to read the damaged panel. Although it may seem intimidating, it's actually not once you are properly instructed about how it works.

Common Reflections

We must make a clear statement before we go any further. "There is no such thing as one reflection more superior than the other." There are several common reflections used such as Fog, Shadow, Pole with stripe, and too many others to name. The truth about reflections is how well can you read your own reflection? How well from the start when you were trained or when you get trained will be the most important.

Straight Means Fixed

When we teach Lines, we explain the use of the board in outside conditions. Why? Because in the real world, you won't have a nice comfy shop to work in. How many indoor dealerships do you know? But back to the topic. Lines dramatically show signs of curvature but there's a slight catch 22! You have to develop a trained eye. You can't just pop a Line board on a vehicle and think you can distinguish what to do.

Line patterns is what helps you as a guide. a line that is pinched, panel is indicating a high spot or going outward. A line that is fat or wide, indicates the panel has a low spot or indentation. Simple to say but hard to practice.


PDR Training

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